Put simply, it is the “Ride of Your Life

Over 45 minutes we will get you riding, sprinting, climbing, moving, dancing and lifting, all to the beat of some of the biggest and best tunes available.  Expect to walk in, clip in and get caught up in the music whilst getting a full body workout.

Each instructor comes with his or her own music choice, so whether it rock, country, dance or pop we’ve got you covered!!  

This low impact, high intensity workout guarantees to have you burning calories and working up a sweat regardless of fitness levels, it really is the workout that everyone can do!!

BESTCycle® uses a dynamic and unique training method, creating not just spin class, but also an experience. With hill climbs, interval sprints, tap backs and steady rides (to name a few) in combination with inspirational coaching and high-energy music, BESTCycle ® offers more than just a workout.

Music plays a huge role in the BESTCycle ® class. Riding with the music ensures each ride delivers an intense workout with a fun and energizing atmosphere. By mixing music and lights to create the right atmosphere BESTCycle ® creates a cardio haven, where riders can come to engage their minds as well as their body. In BESTCycle classes the riders also work their core and use hand weights to tone their upper bodies providing a FULL BODY workout!

To make sure you have the best ride ever our instructors are all professionally qualified through the BESTCycle ® certification programme. They are committed to delivering the ultimate studio cycling experience and providing the ride of your life.

Sign up

Sign up online and reserve your bike.  On arrival we’ll take your surname to make sure we know your there, any person not at the club 5 minutes before the session risk losing their bike to the waitlist or standby riders on site.

Arrive and smile

All new attendee’s MUST attend 15 minutes before his or her 1st session.  We need to make sure you are set up on the bike properly and ready to ride.  You’ll also have to experience the clip in and clip out, maybe for the first time, trust us its not as scary as it sounds.

Water is the key

Make sure you are hydrated before arriving.  Drinking during the class is recommended but you need to make sure the fluids are right before you even start.

Food is energy

Try not to eat within 30 minutes of starting the session, however we do recommend that you have a snack before that.  Food is fuel, so to get the most out of your workout make sure you engine is ready to go!!

Yep, sorry, you cannot ride naked!!!

We recommend a simple t-shirt, tank top or sports top mixed with shorts or leggings.  No loose fitting bottoms can be worn as they may become caught in the pedal, chain or wheels.


We’ve got you covered (image).  All our riders must wear professional cycling shoes (bring your own if you prefer), which we lend you for the session.  Watch out for a section in the class where the shoes literally come to life!!!

Just you, yours clothes and  bag full of energy!!

We’ve got you covered for the rest.  A sweat towel will be on the bike when you sit down, shower towels are also provided outside the studio.  In the changing room you’ll find L’Occataine shower products, deodorants, straighteners, hair dryers and much more.

On top of this you can utilize the Best Blast to stop the sweat!! A strong wind power shower that blows out cold air to bring your temperature back down so you stop sweating before getting dressed.

3 steps -

1.  Set up an account here 

2. Purchase credits here

3. Then book your session here.  You can book sessions 7 days in advance so no excuses on forgetting the diary.

You can book up to 30 minutes before the session online, anything closer to that and you’ll need to call the club or take your chance by turning up and hoping for the best.

All these pages can be accessed from your own account page.

Each month we’ll update you with some of the biggest tunes the instructors have been using in their sessions, around the club and taking requests from you.  Simply tweet us with the #bestbeats and we’ll see if we can get your favorite track into a session!!