Why Best's


Why not?

We are proud to say, we are the only site in London that has 2 unique in-house designed products.  These products not only stand apart from the competition but in "Assault", we have a first to market product that is setting London alight!


What classes do you have? 

Bootcamp - We're the only studio in the UK to have FreeMotion Treadmills (the same ones used by Orange Theory in the US).  The pre-set speeds and inclines save time and ensure you get more from your time on the tread. Alongside the treadmills, we also have a full range of dumbbells, bands and medicine balls.  What sets us apart from the rest though is the in-house designed benches and the state of the art "instructor cam" that allows you to understand the technique and intensity of every exercise with unobstructed views.

The Workout3 rounds on cardio and 3 rounds on strength.  If boots were made for walking, then trainers are made for running!

Assault - Our first to market, Assault bike based session! Think F45, Crossfit and Bootcamp all rolled into one!  As one of our signature products, we use the assault bikes as the anchor for each class in this product.  Each session is made up of sprints / HIIT elements on the bike, combined with functional movements utilising an array of kettlebells, dumbbells, and your body weight.

The WorkoutChoose from 5 different workouts -

Minotaur - It's time to go full beast mode! This workout comprises 2 different sections - Sprint work on the assault bike and Metcon on the floor! Get ready to go full BULL!

Phoenix - Get ready to rise from the flames at the halfway point and find a new you to push to the end!  8 rounds where the work decreases in time but increases in intensity!

Thestral - We're pretty sure you'll be able to see the Thestral by the end of this session! 40 minutes of non-stop rds (yep, no rest!) Only those that experience death can see the Thestral!

Hydra - 4 heads are better than 1 right?! This is a team workout, where the bike just doesn't stop! Help your team defeat the beast!

Dragon - Just like the mythical Dragon that can have more than 1 head, so does this product - 8 in fact! Yeah, 8 rounds of 4 minutes on 1 minute off! Can you keep the score the same! Make sure you're breathing fire when taking on this beast!


I'm a newbie - help! 

Feeling nervous or not sure what to expect? Relax! Our front of house team will welcome you and show you how we roll at Best's. 

On your first visit, we'll talk you through our exclusive equipment and our USP. We'll direct you to the right studio and the right starting spots.


What happens if I push too hard?

Our trainers will push you hard but not so hard you break! We believe in correct form and effective effort resulting in - ‘beast mode’.  To help you recover from your session you can pre-order your smoothie from the Blend Bar on arrival and it will be ready for you to collect at the end of your workout. 


What should I pack in my kitbag?

We like to think we’ve thought of everything.  Our studio boasts spacious changing facilities, fully stocked with fluffy towels, GHD appliances, hairdryers and high end hair, beauty and skincare solutions, ensuring that you have everything you need to go from studio to street. Six showers in each changing area mean there’s never a queue and our 240 lockers are furnished with secure mobile phone charge points so you never have a flat battery.


We’ve heard about the Best Blast Shower, but what is it?

Good question! The Best Blast Shower is a cooling airstream shower which guarantees to stop you sweating before you get dressed.  It’s a lifesaver when you’ve got to rush back to work or out to dinner after your class. 


What makes you different to other bootcamps?

Eyes on your instructor

Our Instructor Cam solves a problem we’ve all experienced – not being able to see your trainer. When you’ve paid for a session, you want to know you’re going to benefit from first rate instruction throughout, not being left with no choice but to copy the person in front of you. 


Equipment at your fingertips

Prepare to get VERY excited.  Are you sitting down? Are you sure?

From whichever floor space you are using, you will be able to reach out and touch every single piece of equipment you will need for the duration of the class.  Simple but brilliant huh? We’re wondering why no one has thought of it before ;-)


Quality Instruction

All our instructors hold a minimum level 3 qualification in Personal Training.  This might sound pretty standard but not all bootcamps require their instructors to be qualified at all!